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Wood processing

Does your company work in the field of wood processing? Do you manufacture wood slats, hardwood, solid wood, engineered wood or even furniture? Do you need urethane parts or special belts for your conveyors? You only have to worry about your products, Celmire takes care of your conveyor belts.

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Our strength at Celmire is our vast expertise and skills in the field of specialized conveyor belts for wood processing.

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We supply belts with excellent abrasion resistance, which are very durable and are ideal for wood processing. They can be covered with LINATEX, natural rubber, neoprene, molded urethane or other material to increase their lifespan.

Our drive belts are used with great success on the molders and other equipment in the wood industry. They are joined without any joints in our workshop, according to the required dimensions. Silicone and Teflon belts, to which nothing sticks, are ideal for joining PVC frames and other plastics. No products surpass their anti-adhesive qualities.

Whatever machines you work with, we have the knowledge to advise you properly. Sandblaster or Tenoner from Danckaert, DCM, Sanding Master, SCM, Timesavers, Torwegge or Vietmac, for example, we will find the belt that best suits your machine and its use. For a membrane press, we have silicone membranes in store.

Do you need a special piece that you can’t find in store? At Celmire, we regularly design urethane parts or belts that are no longer available from equipment manufacturers. We can design round, “V” or twisted urethane belts for your roller conveyors and all the parts necessary for the operation of your equipment.


  • Vacuum system
  • Timing belt
  • Spiral plastic tie
  • Non-marking
  • Inclined conveyor


  • Abrasion resistance
  • High speed
  • Complex custom confection


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At Celmire, every belt is manufactured by specialized technicians for a specific use. How many of your belts have the same specifications, dimensions, spliced or laced?